Hidden-Tech List Posting Guidelines – Overview

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(Member announcements are NOT allowed to this list)

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This is a summary, our discussion list guidelines are explained in more detail below.
1) Postings must be on the general topics of interest of HIDDEN-TECH members.

2) Commercial postings and resumes or requests for jobs or work are not allowed.  

For Sale listings are not allowed unless for unique items of special interest to list members. Please use craig’s list first.

3) Discussions of your product or service are considered legimate so long as they are clearly a discussion of interest and not a vailed commercial offer. **
4) Job openings and contacting needs may be posted (see job posting guidelines). **
5) Solicitations, esp for donations, are not allowed. Requests for project help for non-profits (503c not required) may be allowed. **
6) Postings of a blatantly political or religious topic will not be permitted.
7) Always: The decisions of list master are final even if seeming to some arbitrary and inconsistant.  Be aware long time list members maybe allowed more leeway in postings then others.

** If in doubt, post to list address and moderator will determine if acceptable — it will either be allowed on the list or you will get a reject message, with the reason why.

What else can’t be posted: Pornography, obscenity, direct promotion of services or products without prior approval of the Hidden-Tech Board.
Postings from other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, including: does it relate to the Hidden-Tech mission, and will the organization reciprocate.

Hidden-Tech Email Discussion List – Posting Guidelines Summary

Please post sparse, clean messages to the list (example: “snip” or delete the previous discussion thread in the body of your email before posting to the list – keep your listing posting new and clean). Also, we request that ‘me too’ and ‘thanks for responding’ messages be sent off list to the person you want to respond to.

Attachments are not be allowed on the list, they tend to be large, problematic for spam filters, and do not archive correctly. Post the attachment to a web site and link to it from your discussion list posting.

To post you must fill out the skills inventory: What is the Skills Inventory and Financial Survey? 

REMINDER: This is a volunteer group, please do as much as you can before you ask for help.