Imagine this story: Hidden-Tech participants working together add up to the largest source of funding to the region’s United Way agencies.

While our individual business interests may be regional or even national, we’ve each chosen western Massachusetts as a place to live and in which to do business because of the quality of life, and the quality of our region’s communities. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t so high for many of our neighbors lacking income or adequate resources. Many here suffer silently; many are in pain.

The Hidden-Tech community can help relieve this hidden suffering. We can reach those in our communities through a collective action for the common good by pooling our resources when we each donate to United Way, and identify ourselves as part of the Hidden-Tech community.

Each year, the United Way of Hampshire County, the United Way of Franklin County, and neighboring United Way agencies, identify the range of needs in our communities and the region. These United Way agencies organize collections and distributions, and organizational assistance, to those directly helping children and youth well-being, stopping domestic violence, providing housing and food and health care, and ensuring economic security. We have the opportunity to play a role in all this: we can each provide whatever we can afford — no matter how small — and together make an enormous impact.

Our collective giving will make a positive impact on thousands of individuals and households.

Let us work together now to help others, and to show that Hidden-Tech has a major role to play in this region. We help drive the economy, and we help our neighbors in need.

If you’d prefer having a pledge or donation card emailed to you, contact any United Way directly.

Remember to identify yourself as a Hidden-Tech participant.

Thank you all!

The Steering Committee of Hidden-Tech

These United Way organizations have directly cooperated with us in arranging this effort,
So please go to the web-sites to register your donation:

Region Website Donation page
Franklin County Donate in Franklin
Hampshire County

Donate in Hampshire

Mailin Coupon for Donation

For those in neighboring counties/states, here are some other UW’s, please ask them to record your donation should be credited to the Hidden-Tech effort to show our impact:


or For specific areas:

Hamden —
Berkshire –
Hartford, CT:
Windham County, VT:

Southern VT: