Over all, HT is a business support group, postings and requests must be aligned with supporting the requirements of the membership community.  The listmaster and board will be the final judge of what that means.

Individual posting guidelines:
a) One topic per
b) Consider list readers when picking a subject, most list readers get dozens (or 100’s of emails) a
c) the discuss list is a moderated list, so be kind to your moderators, do not repost just because you have not seen your posting immediately — posts can take 3-24 hours to be released and you usually will not see your own posts (that is the subscriber default) — if you are not sure – check the archives

Guidelines on reply posts:
a) If you change the topic when replying, then change the subject. Do NOT
include ‘previously was ….’ in the new subject since it is not.
b) Replies suggesting solutions where you do not know this will resolve the issue,
or based on articles not personal experience maybe rejected.  Also, dupicate suggestions will often be rejected so as not to clog the list.

1) Use of HT name – no postings will be allowed that make any claims in using the HT name.  Short statements from prior board members about those relationships will usually be allowed (don’t get carried away)

2) All posts must be either a question or information of direct value,
not an offer to get such information via some service you offer.

Business related questions are preferable, answers should be onlist.
Hunting for help or services that are less business related might be allowed – esp if you ask for off list answers.

3) Job ads are for local employers or telecommuting jobs (that can be performed locally) only – no head hunters or job shops.

4) If you write a post suggesting what people can do such and then you add your offer at the end – that’s ok – so long as the post by itself has direct value.

5) Reply to Digest – change the subject to match the specific message you
are replying to or the post will not be allowed.

6)  you can’t make an announcement with a a hook that directly benefits you,
that violates the no solicitation rules of the list.

After all, you are using the HT resources for
no pay — why should you get a direct financial benefit.

7) No Attachments, post the attachment on a web site and link to it.
We still have lots of Hilltown readers with really bad internet connections

8) Guidelines for Event announcements for associated groups:
– 1 month before
– 1 week before
Exact short event description
location, date, time, cost
No more then 150 words
Url for more information
No testimonial
No general policy or group formation posts

– Don’t bother the list or badger the listmaster or board
– There is no expectation of precise consistency of application of rules,
we try and that’s the best you can expect.
– Listmaster/Boards decision is final
– HT is not liable for any claims against the list for slander or other legal reasons,
either as an organization or the operating individuals

(As of 2015)