Posting Guidelines for Employment Ads on the Discussion List

Local employers are welcome to post employment ads on the Hidden-Tech Email Discussion List, which has more than 600 subscribers. Ads from outside area employers will be reviewed by the Hidden-Tech Board with the criteria that the goal of Hidden-Tech is to promote growth in the local region.

Listings from employment firms are generally not allowed, if you have some really special offer that will help the local region, post and see if it is allowed (however note that listmaster and board decisions are final.)

All job posts must be in standard text format in the body of an email message to the list (no attachments of any kind are allowed). Providing links to further information is perfectly fine. PLEASE do not cut/paste HTML from MS/Word, it is massive.

The ads should be posted with an email address for job seekers to send their resumes directly, and we recommend a US mailing address also.

Use a Subject line starting with JOB: and the title of the job.  Do not include any comments to the webmaster about reposting — you are sending the listing directly to the list.

Be sure to include a reply-to email WITHIN the body of the post, from and reply-to headers are NOT carried from incoming emails due to spam blocking rules.

The reasons for not allowing attachments are:

  1. Security – many virus checkers block attachements
  2. Size – HT readers include many from the hilltowns in Western Mass who still do not have high speed cable – more at

Post to the discussion list at:

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