What is the Skills and Financial Survey? Is the Information Gathered Confidential?

The Skills Inventory provides the Hidden-Tech group aggregate data on the skills and resources members have to offer. The listings are stored in a data base and information gathered is publicly posted in aggregate on the site and released to interested companies, organizations and institutions. It will also eventually provide the basis for an Hidden-tech skills directory to complement the skill search. In that case, the skills data will be tied to specific companies in order to generate outside interest in your skills.

The financial survey is a confidential survey adding agregate company size and scope information to those studying and support Hidden-Tech companies. All questions are posted in ranges and/or percentages and will be held in the strictest of confidence. Only aggregate data will be released publicly, no specific company names are ever released pertaining to the financial data, nor is this data sold to third parties.

How Does the Skills and Financial Survey Tie Into the Email List?

Currently, the only requirement for being a registered member of this Hidden-Tech group is that you must fill out the skills and financial survey data if you want to post to the Hidden-Tech email discussion list. Thank you for contributing to this pool of data, which we will use to further the Hidden-Tech mission of bringing more work opportunities and more visibility to Hidden-Tech members.

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