Resilient Businesses Small Business Summit

WHEN: November 13, 2010, 10am-4pm
WHERE:  Holyoke Community College Kittredge Center
FEE: $25 per attendee

Based on the unconference design, small business owners are invited to attend the summit and participate in pro-active dialogue with support organizations and other small business owners. The discussions all support the goal of creating Resilient Small Businesses and cover such topics as  economic stability, financial options, current and future policies, and best operating practices.

“The needs of Small Businesses are not fully understood by federal and state organizations and policy-makers” says Rich Roth, CEO of TnRGlobal and a small business community activist who is spear-heading this initiative.  “And yet, Small Businesses are at the heart of our economy: they create a majority of new jobs and employ over half of the workforce.  In order to create resilient small businesses that will continue to thrive and create essential impact, we need to bridge the gap between them and their support systems.”

Ongoing information, registration, and pre-conference conversation is available at  Interested attendees are discussing possible topics to cover.  Their conversations also cover current news, future best practices, and post-conference continuations.  Set up as a Small Business Social Network, registered members can create a profile,  add interest groups, share news stories, and join discussions.  Additionally, community members who wish to stay up to date on the development of The Small Business Summit can register and receive a weekly e-news update.

“The key to creating pro-active dialogue is bringing the best minds and leaders together at the same table,” says Karen Ribeiro, Summit Director.  Ribeiro has invited talented professionals to facilitate discussions during the unconference portion of the event.

Registration is $25 for all attendees.  To register for the summit and join the pre-conference conversation, go to

About the Contributors

Rich Roth, CEO and CTO of TNR Global, has been in the computer field for over 35 years and has been involved in development and marketing software products for personal and larger computers since 1975. Under his direction, TNR has grown into a leader in the field of enterprise search implementation. Rich Roth is an expert in software design and in cross-platform computer technology. Rich has been a UNIX user, administrator and developer since the early 1980’s, and assisted with early business planning for RedHat Linux.  Rich holds a Masters of System Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


Karen Ribeiro, Summit Director, is the mastermind behind Inner Fortune, an individual or team-based “tune-up” for professional and personal goal achievement. This innovative process uses a proprietary journaling tool and is facilitated over 8-9 weeks. The tool provides structured reflection in the areas of career, social and family interactions, literal and figurative dreams, physical and spiritual well being and more. The process has been adopted by Fortune 100 women engineers, small women’s networks, and a national online bank.


SerahRose Roth, Webmaster and Communications Coordinator, is a regular consultant in social media and online communications with TnR Global.  She is the Producing Artistic Director of GAN-e-meed Theatre Project, a mission-driven non-profit that advances the role of women in theatre.  SerahRose holds a degree from Brandeis University and is a student at Boston University’s Institute for Non-Profit Management and Leadership.