Rick Feldman 

Rick Feldman has been actively engaged in technology commerce and business since 1990 when he co-founded his first business producing economic analysis software, specialty data-base software, and regional planning consulting.


In 1994-95 he completed the first study of technology and knowledge based businesses in western Massachusetts, showing it to be a major force in shaping the region’s economy. He founded the Western Massachusetts Software Association (WMSA), the first industry association in the region, and the second in New England, to represent the newly emerging creative, inventive and productive industry. He served as Executive Director until he helped form the Regional Technology Association which then took over the role of WMSA. He also supported the formation of Hidden-Tech, attending the initial meetings to help ensure its foundation. Since then, Rick has formed and sold two companies, and has been an executive in both the not-for-profit human service arena and a consultant to many companies in the region. He’s currently (2007) President of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, President of the Northampton Center for the Arts (he’s also been involved for over 30 years in public art, and regional arts organizations), a Board member of Northampton Rotary, and a founding member of the E2M.ORG and E2M Regional Economic Council, both created to facilitate community re-investment. He’s currently an organizational and executive coach and organizational development consultant as a managing partner of the Hassett Feldman Group and the TMI Consulting Group.¬†