Event plan proposal as PDf

Hidden-Tech Event Plan Proposal

Date: ____________________________

1. Event lead contact, email:

2. Event team, roles, email: (Who will put on the event? Whom do you need to help?)

3. Topic and purpose: (What will people expect to learn, do, or experience?)

4. Audience: [Who are the target audiences?]

5. Format: (What format do you plan to use? Expert panel, speaker(s), showcase, etc.)

6. Length: (How long will your event last?)

7. Suggested price and terms:

8. Preferred date(s): [Is there a tie-in to another event, holiday, or date? Tax time, anniversary, open house, etc.]

9. Attendance: [How many people do you expect to attend or can you accommodate?] Minimum: Maximum:

10. Suggested venue: [Do you have a place in mind to hold the event?]

11. Partner Group(s): [Is there another group that you can partner with for the event?]

12. Staging: [What do you need in the room and how many? Tables, tablecloths, chairs, podium, whiteboard, etc.]

13. Equipment: [What are your needs? Projector, electrical outlets, Internet, mic, etc.]

14. Food and beverage needs: [Do you plan to serve food/beverages? If so, will they be catered, provide by you, included in admission price, paid for out of profits. What is the estimated cost?]

15. Promotion: (How will you reach your target audience? Are there special ways or places you plan to promote this event in addition to the Hidden-Tech announcement list?)