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Kristi Bodin
Kristi A. Bodin, Esq.
5 E. Pleasant St.
Amherst,MA 01002

Finding answers to questions and solutions to problems for small businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and individuals. Specialties: Case and project management, research, organization. Fan of restaurants, artists, contractors, and pet businesses. Advocate, lawyer, problem solver, organizer, dog lover, dreamer, friend, cook, artist.
Jonathan Turbin
Tomato Consulting

644 Bee Hill Road
Williamstown,MA 01267

My company is a small-scale, work-from-home consulting agency specializing in, but not limited to, international health. In the past I have freelanced with Family Health International, a DC-based international public health NGO, and La Pierre Angulaire, an NGO and clinic in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. In addition to consulting I manage a general interest profit-making blog. I also, as a side venture, produce home-made, organic soaps made from local ingredients. Profits from the sale of "localisoaps" go to find a variety of public health causes as well as raise awareness of the importance of sustainability.