Event Followup: Our thanks go out to Daniel Lieberman for sharing his insights on what’s hot in social media for 2011. The room was buzzing long after the Q and A! Here is the Google Docs link to his hand-out: Lieberman Slides and Notes.

Also join me in a collective Hidden-Tech THANK YOU to Tom Adams (http://www.ReelifeProductions.com), who pitched in and did a fabulous job of capturing Daniel’s presentation on video.

Check it out here:  http://player.vimeo.com/video/19221190.


When: Thursday, January 13, 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. (program 6 to 7:30)

Where: Media Education Foundation, Community Room, 60 Masonic Street, Northampton, MA Map

Refreshments: Snack provided, drinks and sandwiches can be purchased from Woodstar Café next door

Suggested donation at the door: $10

What’s going to be interesting on the web and in social media in 2011? We’ll talk about trends and topics that should be of concern to us all in 2011.

Some of them are obvious: the continued rise of Facebook and growth of the mobile internet. Some of them will be surprises: new devices (who would have guessed how big the iPad has become), mega-mergers and acquisitions (Google buys Twitter?), government actions that change the game on the internet (net neutrality, free speech restrictions a la prosecution of Wikileaks, new social media players (what if Diaspora takes off? Will Google unleash a Facebook-killer?) I’ll share my ideas about how I think 2011 is going to go and I hope you’ll all do the same.

About Daniel Lieberman:

It’s never been easier to start a business, reinvent a career, or invigorate a municipality. People just need to be shown how to start. Daniel Lieberman Interactive helps clients get to know Internet technology and use it effectively and efficiently.

The Internet and Social Media revolutionize everything in civil society, business, and government. Many-to-many communication and sharing are simply the nature of the Internet. Nothing else can really work in any future worth contemplating. Sharing is the ‘secret sauce’ of civilization, the warp to competition’s woof. The web makes it easy and profitable to be mutual (and competitive!), so the networked world we live in can be a richer, fairer, and smarter world.

Daniel worked in a successful wholesale distribution business as a partner, software developer, and IT manager through the microcomputer revolution and the dot-com boom. After a stint as a business analyst and project manager in the area of document management and workflow systems, he’s become interested in helping with the transition to the modern Internet and Social Media. Consulting, blogging, and speaking are both work and pleasure for Daniel.

Daniel is a generalist. He’s been called a polymath (complimentary) and a dilettante (not) because he tends to be interested in everything. Clients and audiences find his perspectives different and stimulating.